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About this site

Welcome to personal pages bordering the private life of Åge!

This site is one of those dreaded personal sites. As with all personal sites, its a shrine to an online ego. To provide an altar for the temple, the profile includes a brief biography, a resume/cv, comments on previous projects and dives into a personality who has tried avoiding main stream living for decades (not quite Slartibartfast, but another drooling one).

Here's the latest blog!

Norwegian is the natural language of both this and that website. The mother website was originally made to simplify both my professional and personal relationship to the world as such. After constructing pages on experiences and career, I freshly started contemplating life and making public statements, called news, ment for friends and friendly associates from my 'professional' life. During the first years, 2000 until 2003, the news slowly developed from a diary into a phenomena which I found ultramodern, a blog.

The early blogs in English (and German) were mere amateur translations of the equivalent Norwegian ones. As a language-skills test this was quite satisfactory for a year or two, but hampered, stemmed and limited the number of blogs.

Life is continuously transforming and mutating and the angle or perpective was neither durable nor fertile. Neither was life in general but that's to was revealed in previous blog – hold on tight, or please leave the site. The notion of this site being of interest is presently still being harboured, nurtured and pampered.

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